RCPM: Regional Climate-Change Projections from Multi-Model Ensembles

The RCPM project uses a statistical technique to calculate expected future climate change for a specified region based on observational data and the results of an ensemble of global climate models (GCMs).

This analysis does not predict the future! All it tells you is what a collection of GCMs, taken as a group, say about future conditions, given obervations and a particular assumption about future emissions.

The results of this analysis are still experimental research. Please read about the method to get an understanding of its assumptions and limitations before you access the data.

About the Method - A simple explanation of the analysis method. Includes references to published papers.

World Data - Pregenerated analyses for various world regions used in IPCC assessment reports.

U.S. Data - Pregenerated analyses for climatologically similar regions of the United States.

Custom Data - Submit a request for a custom analysis.