RCPM - Request Custom Analysis

If the pregenerated analyses do not suit your needs, you can request a custom analysis by filling out the form linked below.

When specifying a region for analysis, please note that the region must contain at least four gridpoints. You can choose to define a smaller region, but it will be automatically expanded.

This figure shows the location of land gridpoints; ocean gridpoints are normally masked out of the analysis. (The landmask is an area of active development, and may change in the near future.)

If you have difficulty specifying your region of interest using a rectangular boundary, please send email, and we will work with you to accommodate your situation.

We use the contact information you provide to inform you when your analysis is ready. Because this analysis is active research, we may need to contact you later on if we discover an error. Information about your use of the data helps us to ensure that we are providing data in a useful form, and in reporting on our work to funding agencies.

Request Form

If you have questions, comments, or problems, send email to Seth McGinnis: mcginnis@ucar.edu